Adam Bulley
  • Pro - 9 years
  • Guide for Edinburgh workshops and all levels of landscape services

Adam Bulley has been a professional photographer shooting both stills and video for the past few years.

Adam is an accomplished musician. He started out shooting music videos and promo images, but his love for dramatic landscapes came to the fore when he moved to Scotland in 1998. He spends much of his time researching and exploring for new locations. His unique viewpoints have appeared on the cover of the Scots Magazine and been used by Visit Scotland all over the world.

“Living in Edinburgh for the past few years has allowed me to get under its skin and learn the secrets to photographing it successfully. With so many potential subjects and so many viewpoints of each subject, there’s more than enough to keep any photographer happy. I enjoy taking customers to the less obvious locations, but also appreciate that many also want to get the classic shots too. There’s nothing wrong with a classic as long as it’s done well.”