The Beginners workshop - £250 (full day)
The Skye Workshop - £280 (full day) £160 (half day)
The Pro Workshop - £350 (full day)

We have three levels of workshop available - beginners, skye & pro.

Beginners - Get started on the right track to becoming an experienced photographer as we go through the basics of how to see a picture, how to capture it, and what do all those buttons on your camera actually do. We’ll simplify the entire process by telling you what you don't need to know as well as the important bits which you do need to know. This service can start at sunrise, finish at sunset, or be held during the middle of day - you decide. The day lasts for 8 hours and must be taken in one session. If you would prefer to split the day into a dawn and dusk session, then the standard or pro workshop is more suitable.

Skye - Our most popular workshop designed to take photographers with existing basic or intermediate knowledge to the next level. We tailor each session to the customer, working on specific areas which may be lacking potential. The day can be split into a dawn and dusk session to maximise the time in the field when the light is at its optimum for photography. Expect to end the day having captured great images using new skills, all in a relaxed and fun environment with your expert guide.

Pro - For the more experienced photographer who wants to polish their technique and squeeze every inch of quality out of their equipment to achieve potentially award winning images. Learn the importance of predicting what is going to happen so you can be set up and ready to capture the moment, making the most of fleeting light and packing in the drama to give your images the wow factor. We assign two days in the calendar for every Pro booking, meaning we can then choose the best 8 hours across both days to be on location in the best conditions.

  • Full day = 8 hours
  • Half day = 4 hours
  • Price covers up to 2 people
  • For additional people add £25 each

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