How can I prevent lens flare?

John (UK)

Marcus says:- Lens flare is caused when you point the camera towards a bright light source. In landscape photography this is usually the sun, but if you are indoors then it could be a bright window or a tungsten bulb. If this light source is within your frame (included in your composition), then there isn’t much you can do about it. It does however look more acceptable if you can see the light source, and some people even add it add the post production stage if it is not there. If the light source is outside your frame then the easiest way is to shield the lens from it with your hand. This is easy to do if using a tripod, as you can stand to the side of the camera and see the shadow being cast. Simply ensure that the shadow covers the front element of the lens and any flare will disappear. Some lenses are more susceptible to flare than others, and this has little to do with how expensive they are. Placing filters in front of a lens will only ever increase the chances of flare, so avoid this wherever necessary.