2nd November 2020

Following the updates from both Westminster and the Scottish Government the Isle of Skye currently sits in Tier 1. This means that we are allowed to continue operating and running workshops. However, the updated rules, national England lockdown and Scottish restrictions mean that we cannot accept bookings from people travelling up from England between 5th Nov and 2nd Dec, or those in Scotland living in Tier 3 or higher areas. If you live in the Scottish Highlands, or other areas of Scotland in Tier 1 or 2 then we can operate normal services. We will review as the Government provides updates. Please do get in touch if you have an existing booking and are not sure whether you are allowed to travel, or indeed if you would like to make a new booking. We have good availability over the winter months and are flexible for last-minute opportunities. 

27th June 2020

Whilst Coronavirus continues to disrupt life to a certain extent updated Government guidelines mean that from the 6th July the hospitality industry in Scotland can open up (subject to distancing rules and health regulations). We are pleased to announce that we can resume workshops and offering guiding services across the Isle of Skye and Scotland from the 6th July. This includes all landscape and wildlife 1-to-1 workshops. The status of group workshops remains uncertain and we will update details on those as and when health guidelines change. 

24th March 2020

Coronavirus is a global issue, affecting the health, livelihoods and businesses of millions of people. There has been a huge impact on day-to-day life, and there will continue to be for some time - this of course affects our ability to run scheduled photo holidays, and 1-to-1 workshops across the UK. The safety and health of our team, customers new and old, and the general public is the number one priority. With that in mind please see our most recent updates below:

  • Workshops and international photo holidays have been cancelled or postponed for the remainder of May.

  • We are constantly assessing the status of future trips and workshops in line with current government advice on travel. If you have any service booked with us, and we have not yet contacted you regarding your booking, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • We are contacting customers in chronological order, so those with bookings in the immediate future first.

  • We will be announcing a new range of online services, from image editing to 1-to-1 workshops over video. Please see full details of these as we announce them below.

  • There will be an increase in the amount of free content available in the form of blog posts, tutorials, videos and social media content. We hope to launch a series of social media photography challenges and quizzes - the Mc2 confinement assignments - to help keep you, and us, entertained and creatively stimulated during these periods of isolation and limited travel. More details can be found below.

Online Services

The income of our team members, Harry, Nick and Ruth, relies on us being able to run photography workshops and offer our various guiding services. As we are unable to offer these services for the foreseeable future we are pleased to announce a series of online services for new and existing customers. The income generated from these services will keep them afloat during these turbulent times until such a point is reached when a level of normal service can be resumed. You can support our team through the purchase of photographic prints, all of which can be found in our shop.

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Mc2 LIVE Webinars

Once a month (usually the second Sunday) you'll find some our team live at 8 PM for a 90-minute show packed full of great content. Join us remotely to help improve your photographic knowledge and get a dose of inspiration. A big part of the show is your images and questions. We edit images live, give constructive feedback and critique, as well as featuring your photo projects. For more information and to register for the next show click here.


Online 1-to-1 Workshops

You choose the topic and an Mc2 team member will be there to help.

Completely tailored around any gaps in your knowledge, a specific topic, or based around improving your post-processing skills. We recommend a 4-hour workshop as we look to split your booking into 3 stages:

1 - An initial consultation to find out about where you currently are in your photography and to identify which areas you need to/are interested in improving.

2 - An online lesson which explains the theory in specific areas of photography and supervised practices where possible, followed by an assignment for you to undertake at your own convenience.

3 - A conclusion session to discuss any challenges or areas of uncertainty, as well as image review of the assignment.

Duration - Typically a 4 hour(+) service spread over 2 - 3 sessions.

Price - £120 for 4-hour session, or £40/hour.

Get in touch to book a workshop or find out more.


Image Processing Service

Got a load of images you haven’t had time to edit, or are unsure how to bring to their full potential? One of our team of professional photographers will edit your images using their extensive experience and creative eye. Each of our team has a speciality and so your images will be edited by those with the best expertise based on the subject of your image. We can help with all styles of image from landscapes and wildlife, to architecture and portraiture.

Please allow 2-3 days for us to process and return your images. Please also bear in mind that the way we edit an image is not necessarily the only, or best way, as editing is an extension of the creative process. However, we will do our best to let you know why we have done certain things to your images, and our thought process behind them.

1 - 4 images = £8 per image, 5 or more images = £5 per image.

Our Pro Editors:

Harry - As our in-house zoologist he is here to help with any wildlife or nature images. His style of editing features portraying animals as accurately as he can, whilst maintaining a sense of emotion through an image.

James - Has extensive experience shooting and editing a huge range of subjects, and will help you bring your reportage, portraiture, architectural and street photography to life.

Nick - As an award-winning landscape photographer, Nick knows what a good landscape image should look like. He prides himself on a natural style of editing, letting the subject and light speak for themselves.

Get in touch to book...

Stay tuned for new online services to be announced very soon...

Free Content

Blog Posts

With the team finding themselves with more time on their hands we will be doing our best to increase the number of blog posts that appear on the brand new Mc2 website. These will come in a variety of styles, so keep a regular eye for any updates, and if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get a summary of everything, and our latest news regarding travel, photo workshops etc.